Changing the look of clipart in Word

1. Click on clipart – connected edit dots will appear

Edit dots

2. Select layout on the Picture Toolbar (the dog) & choose square
– edit dots will change to hollow circled dots

Square edit dots

3. Right click – Choose Grouping >  ungroup
- Imported picture warning will appear – Click Yes

Picture warning

4. Picture will break up into many different pieces

Broken edit dots

5. Click outside of box and click back into box to choose the section you want to change – use the drawing toolbar

To put picture back together:

1. Select picture by clicking in middle of picture

2. Put cursor on “squiggly border” > right click > Ungroup (again)

3. Click the cursor back in the middle of all the edit dots > right click > group or regroup

4. Click off of it and then on again and you can move, resize, copy, paste, etc.